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Achievements of the project

Main achievements of the project so far are:

The collection of information for the database on pollutants respectively emissions of nitrogen and sulphur oxide (NOx/SOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) in the Baltic Sea Region began. This database will help to determine user groups of plasma technology with the aim of adapting the standardisation to the varying needs of different groups. PlasTEP's outcome should not only be standardised but also specified for various purposes. Therefore, in each country one representative of the project contacted the responsible authority with an official letter to get this information.

Another achievement of the PlasTEP project is the work on different types of plasma reactors. These reactors need e.g. an access to gas, electricity and ventilation. One reactor is already designed with all these parts and will be finalised in February 2011.

The planning of the first joint experiments has also started with special regard to the investigation sequence on NOx. Furthermore, a first design of the model for water treatment is available.

One aim of PlasTEP is to raise awareness about the possibilities of plasma technology's applications for environmental purposes. Besides, local policy makers and industrial representatives have been met and new contacts between e.g. Polish, Danish and German partners and authorities have been established. Moreover, a workshop for VOC destruction was organised in combination with the XVIII International Conference on Gas Discharges and Their Applications (GD 2010) in September. This event opened the possibility to attract international experts from abroad and to invite worldwide acting stakeholders from industry and science.

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