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Work Package 5

Removal of organic/hazardous compounds and aerosols from gases

For work package 5 the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology  from Germany is responsible.

The development of new technologies to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aerosols and other hazardous gases are important for the society. The processes are at different stages of development and they are geared towards diverse applications (e.g. depending on type of exhaust, gas flow or the available space).

Therefore the work package has three aims:

  1. Raising the interest of potential industrial stakeholders supported by the development of modular mobile evaluation models for demonstration;
  2. Creation of a compendium on existing and future plasma technology applications;
  3. Applied studies on near-industrial, small and medium scale installations and novel plasma assisted catalytic processes on small scale.


  •             (Denmark)
  •     (Sweden)
  • ASTRaL        (Finland)
  • VGTU           (Lithuania)
  • INCT             (Poland)
  • ZUT              (Poland)
  • Tartu            (Estonia)

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