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Work Package 4

Plasma based cleaning of exhaust gases of combustion

The from Denmark is the leader of WP 4.

This work package is focused on spreading information about plasma technology reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur oxide (SOx). NOx and SOx emerge in mostly all combustion processes.

Possible removals by using plasma technology reach from commercialisation-ready electron beam flue gas treatment (EBFGT) over ozonisation up to direct plasma treatment with or without catalytic reactions in laboratory scale. The aim is to raise interests of potential industrial users by developing an application guide. This guide will be based on an exchange of knowledge including a definition and comparison of various plasma technology applications and their (mobile) feasibility installation.  


  • INP               (Germany)
  •    (Sweden)
  • LEI                (Lithuania)
  • VGTU           (Lithuania)
  • INCT             (Poland)
  • IMP               (Poland)
  • ZUT              (Poland)
  • Tartu            (Estonia)

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