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Welcome to the PlasTEP website

The objective of this site is to show you, in the name of the PlasTEP / PlasTEP+ partners, the varieties of using plasma technology to help the environment.

The environmental background for PlasTEP's action is to control the pollution. That is a transnational concern that requires the contribution of countries from all over the world. Every inhabitant of Europe should have the aim of protecting his environment in the EU and for us especially in the Baltic Sea region (BSR).

Industrialisation is happening, and it is growing by the way, so we have to do our best to give the chance for an environmental friendly industrialisation. It is not necessary to miss the advantage of modern time besides reducing air pollution.

PlasTEP also wants to bring plasma technology into people's minds. We would like to lead you through this topic and thank you for your attention. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or if you have any questions.