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Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (INCT)

This Institute co-works in the work packages 3, 4 and 5.

The INCT is involved in the development of electron beam flue gas treatment technology. This technology concentrates on treating NOx and SOx as well as VOC's. The field of INCT activities spreads from basic research to technology implementation resting upon a technical and economical feasibility study.

In particular, INCT's area of responsibility covers:

  • Laboratory research and theoretical studies (modelling) on VOC removal by electron beam flue gas treatment (EBFGT);
  • Laboratory research on simultaneous NOx, SOx and VOC removal by EBFGT;
  • Market studies on plasma technology applications in Poland;
  • Studies on possible applications of EBFGT technology (identification of SOx, NOx and VOC generation processes as well as end users definition);
  • Comparison between EBFGT and other technologies (including conventional);
  • Cooperation with other research groups in order to compare the technologies, define application fields and prepare a pre-feasibility study for selected plasma technology applications.

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology 
ul.Dorodna 16
PL-03-15 Warszawa, Poland 

Contact person: Dr. Andrzej Pawelec
Fon:     +48 22 504 1162
Fax:     +48 22 811 1532
E-Mail:  A.Pawelec(at)


The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery (IMP)

The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery (IMP) is the leader of WP 6 and acts also as a co-worker in WP 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The role of the IMP in the project consists in developing a plasma generation module for a water cleaning device, managing the combination of all modules into one device, controlling device tests or managing the preparation of reports.

This institute is responsible for presenting the progress regarding the realisation of work package 6 and participates in the preparation of brochures and posters. Furthermore, the IMP also searches for information about cost- and market analysis concerning sea water cleaning from oil and oil-type slicks. Finally this PlasTEP partner will also take part in designing, manufacturing and testing of plasma filters for removals of NOx, SOx and VOCs from flue gases.

The Szewalski Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery 
ul. Fiszera 14
PL-80-952 Gdańsk, Poland   

Contact Person: Dr. Miroslaw Dors
Fon:    +48 58 6995 184
Fax:    +48 58 3416 144
E-Mail: mdors(at)


West Pomeranian University of Technology (ZUT)

This university has the following role within the project: it participates as a co-worker in WP 2, WP 3, WP 4, WP 5 and as well in WP 6. 

Non-thermal plasma devices imply the use of unique power supplies and still many different power supply systems are subjects to investigate. A mobile solution of plasma VOC exhaust gas treatment a and small, mobile water cleaning supply system will be developed. The ZUT is responsible for power supply systems that are necessary for generating plasma of designated properties. The conduction of simulations, development of prototypes for WP 5 and WP 6 are foreseen. ZUT's involvement within PlasTEP includes the following main phases: 

  • Perfoming studies considering NOx and SOx pollution sources and plasma technologies comparison;
  • Evaluation and prototype construction of a:
    1. Plasma reactor supply system for a mobile VOC destruction pilot installation;
    2. Mobile water quality improvement pilot floating device;
  • Characterisation of constructed supplies;
  • Evaluation of energy consumption properties.

West Pomeranian University of Technology
ul. Wl. Sikorskiego 37
PL-70-313 Szczecin, Poland 

Contact Person: Dr. Marcin Holub
Fon:     +48 91 449 4805
Fax:     +48 91 449 4098
E-Mail:  mholub(at)


Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, Szczecin Branch (SEP)

The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) contributes as a co-worker to the work packages 2 and 3.

Within the PlasTEP project the SEP will inform their members about the possibilities and chances of this innovative technology. Additionally this association will engage support for preparing investments together with other partners of PlasTEP and also render assistance for the communication and information process to decision makers from industry, politicy and society.

Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, Szczecin Branch (SEP)
Al. Wojska Polskiego 67
PL-70-478 Szczecin, Poland 

Contact Person: Ms. Beata Chojnacka
Fon:      +48 9144 89 889
Fax:      +48 9144 89 889
E-Mail:   biuro(at)