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Lappeenranta University of Technology, ASTRaL

The Lappeenranta University of Technology is a co-worker in the work packages 2, 3, 5 and 6.

The Finnish PlasTEP partner is going to develop (photo) catalytic materials for VOC removal in water and gases. Furthermore, they will deposit materials by atomic layer deposition and magnetron sputtering for integration into a com-
bined plasma/catalytic system for VOC removal. The ASTRaL group currently has six researchers who are involved in these technolo-

ASTRaL's contribution to the PlasTEP project will contain the following elements:

1. Optimisation of:

  • Photo catalytic materials for catalytic activities when they are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from a plasma;
  • The deposition process for catalytic materials for VOC decomposition;
  • Pore-penetration characteristics of catalytic coatings;
  • Coating performance on modules for integration into the combined plasma/catalytic module.

2. Characterisation of the material and organic destruction properties of the deposited materials

Lappeenranta University of Technology, ASTRaL
Prikaatinkatu 3E
FIN-50100 Mikkeli, Finland

Contact Person: Prof. David Cameron
Fon:      +358 40 835 2649
Fax:      +358 15 355 6365
E-Mail:   david.cameron(at)