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University of Tartu (UT)

The University of Tartu is a co-worker in the work packages 2, 4 and 5.

The aim of the University is to elaborate small-scale devices for NOx reduction in flue gases. Five PhD-level researchers, two PhD students, two master-degree students and two technicians are involved in the PlasTEP project. This research group has a long-term experience in the field of low temperature plasmas. In frames of INTERREG IVB the UT deals with the removal of NOx. UT's main idea of research is to combine the advantages of non-equilibrium plasma with that of titanium dioxide (TiO2) photo catalyst. Plasma is created in a reactor using a dielectric barrier discharge. Therefore the elctrodes are coated with a layer of TiO2 powder. The optimisation of the reactor's design includes finding the most suitable:

  • Dimensions of the reactor;
  • The optimum input power and gas flow rate;
  • Discharge mode;
  • Phase and morphology of TiO2 coating.

Also the emission and absorption spectroscopy and electrical diagnostic methods are used for the characterisation of processes in a reactor. Expectably, the device could be used for the removal of VOC's as well.

University of Tartu 
Uelikooli 18
EE-50090 Tartu, Estonia 

Contact Person: Dr. Matti Laan
Fon:      +372 737 5564
Fax:      +372 737 5858
E-Mail:   Matti.Laan(at)