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nism. That includes the implementation of hybrid technologies based on direct and indirect plasma reduction with and without a catalyst. The main issues that will be taken into consideration are:  

  • Build-up of a NOx/SOx reduction reactor with flexible design; that also allows the investigation of yet unsolved aspects;
  • Optimisation of ozone injection and mixing scheme with exhaust gas;
  • Proposal and test of several methods for creating a steep temperature gradient in reaction chambers;
  • Investigation of time dependent oxidation process by IR and UV absorption measurements;
  • Proposal of an optimised scheme for time dependent NOx/SOx processes;
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of several hybrid techniques including direct and indirect ozone injection with and without catalysts;
  • Application of resulted knowledge to VOC removal, odours reduction and water decontamination;
  • Investigation of a NOx/SOx kinetic mechanism by 3-dimensional simulations.

Risoe National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, 
Technical University of Denmark
Frederiksborgvej 399
DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark 

Contact Person: Dr. Eugen Stamate
Fon:     +45 4677 4562 
Fax:     +45 4677 4565
E-Mail:  eugen.stamate(at)