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Newspaper article from Germany 13.02.2010

In this article, issued in the Greifswald edition of the Ostsee-Zeitung, PlasTEP was mentioned for the first time in Germany.
Download (PDF/ 280 KB)

Press Release 19.02.2010

Here is our first press release free for downloading! It contains some general information about the PlasTEP project. This press release was issued under the subheading "Plasma based technological innovation for environment protection in BSR".
Download (PDF / 1,3 MB)

Newspaper article from Germany 06.04.2010

This newspaper article was also issued in the Greifswald edition of the Ostsee-Zeitung. It contains some general information about the project PlasTEP.
Download (PDF/ 240 KB)

Press Release 12.04.2010

Please feel free to download the second PlasTEP press release. This release contains information abgout PlasTEP's contribution at the Hannover Fair in Germany from 19.-23.04.2010. The subheading started with "Plasma technology opens doors to promising, ecological efficient and integrative solutions..."
(PDF/ 0,5 MB)

Article from Estonia

The article appeared in an Estonian environmental portal Greengate and also in an Estonian web-portal for physics. It is mostly about the PlasTEP project. There is an introduction about the project and plasma in general, the part of the University of Tartu within the project. The picture shows that one of UT's part in the project is to study the efficiency in small systems which are easier to handle.
Download (PDF/ 490 KB)

Newspaper article from Lithuania 04/2010

This article, issued in the Mokslas ir Technicka, refers to a meeting which was held with regards to the work packages 4 - 6. Topics of discussion were for example the species of VOC pollution, investment costs and the greenhouse equivalent.
(PDF/ 3,8 MB)

Newspaper article from Poland 6/2010

This article issues about the radiation technology for environment protection. It was written in the Polish magazine Infrastruktura: Ludzie Innowacje Technologie. Prof. Andrzej Chmielewski informs about former problems in environment protection. He also shows possibilities for reduction of NOx and SOx.
Download (PDF/ 8 MB)

Newspaper article from Germany quarter 4/10

"Plasmatechnologien gegen Umweltbelastungen" is the title of this article which was written with regard to the VOC workshop in September. The article appeared in the Mensch & Technik magazine of the VDI Hamburg | Mecklenburg Vorpommern | Schleswig-Holstein.
Download (PDF/ 150 KB)

Newspaper article from Germany 11/10

This is an article in the Town & Country magazine which is the English edition from a national magazine Land & Leute. The German edition appears monthly, the English one yearly and will be available at the tourism sector like Hotels. The content of the article refers to the project in general.
Download (PDF/ 1,9 MB)